Miriam G. (San Francisco): OH.MY.GOSH!!! Let me tell you all a story.

Leopard Lady sparkling face paintingI’m heading out to a 90’s themed party. I got blue eyeshadow, red lips, and a side ponytail to complete my look. I get there and realize, I look basic! My world stops. This unique snowflake can’t be looking basic. Luckily, I spot my new bestie, Lisa (btw Lisa, we’re besties now), she’s doing face painting at the event. I knew that my basic look is about to transform.

I go over to Lisa and I ask her to freestyle whatever. My only real request is that it needs to have a ton of glitter. Only glitter can save me from being basic. She and I seemed to be on the same wavelink because she got me. It’s like she knew what my deep desire far inside my rainbows and unicorns filled heart was. She tells me, “I got you and i got this”. Ok, maybe she didn’t use those exact words but it was similar.

Sparkling Leopard Eyes face paintingI close my eyes and felt like my fairy godmother was there for me as she was for my twin, Cinderella. Bibitty, bobitty bop and WHAM! I was transformed into the glittering, sparkling, beautiful butterfly you see in the pictures. I went from basic to extra in like a second. Next thing I knew, I’m like a 90’s celebrity. Everyone wants pictures. The cellphone paparazzi was everywhere, and I made like Lindsey Lohan and showed it all off!

Rozen B. (Hayward): Lisa is the sweetest ever!

I found her through Mints & Honey’s preferred vendor list. I’m so glad we booked her for my daughter’s birthday. All the guests and myself were amazed on how detailed and beautiful here designs were for face painting. She was able to match the face paint color to each person’s skin tone. Even the adults were getting face painting too!

Booking with her is super easy because she is organized and communicative with her process. I will definitely use her for future birthday parties to come.

Thank you, Lisa, for making my daughter’s birthday very memorable one!

Jennifer A. (San Jose): Thank YOU Lisa for all your help and time – We appreciated the quick responses and that despite my not being well versed in the industry, that you took the time and care to ensure alignment of services / expectations – You are amazing and we look forward to working with you for future community and personal events – Much appreciated.

Miriam G. (San Jose): We contacted Lisa as we were searching for people who could do face painting and balloon twisting for our son’s 1st birthday party.  I was very happy to read her other reviews and learn she does BOTH!  From her initial contact, I felt very comfortable talking and just being honest w/ Lisa as far as what we were looking for.  She was very responsive and getting back to me in a timely manner.

When she arrived at our son’s birthday party, I could tell this was something she definitely loved doing.  Lisa was always calm  and WONDERFUL w/ all of the kids.  Each and every kid showed me what they got painted and their balloons.  It was awesome to see the kids’ excitement when I even first mentioned there was face painting and balloons for them during the party…and then to see their happiness after getting painted and showing off their balloons.  It was priceless!

I would definitely recommend Lisa to friends and family! And would use her again at our son’s next birthday party!

Thank  you again Lisa! My husband and I really appreciate your talent that your brought to our son’s party.

Stephanie C. (Cupertino): From the very beginning, Lisa was such a pleasure to work with. I was interested in hiring her for our 2nd annual company picnic and throughout the entire process she did what ever she could possibly do to accomodate us. She also made us feel confident and very comfortable about hiring her – she said she wouldn’t let us down and boy, was she right!

She did a tremendous job and the kids loved her. She definitely exceeded all our expectations, and the best thing about her is that she gets along not only with the kids but with the adults as well. Everyone loved her!

Other words to describe Lisa and the process you’d need to go through to hire her are…easy, fun, super-friendly, reliable, affordable, trust-worthy, and most importantly, fully concerned about the health and safety of the children when it comes to her face painting materials and techniques.

I LOVED HER! Thanks for everything Lisa 🙂

Puppy and Heart

Puppy and Heart are freinds

Natalie  (Redwood City): You were AMAZING! You were the extra special touch that made my daughter’s  Carnival Party over the top! The art that you made for the kids was awesome including the way you interacted with them! The kids had fun and there was a buzz amongst the parents!

Claudia C. (Redwood City): Thank you so much for coming out to my son’s

event. Everyone was extremely pleased with your work. I appreciated your being so friendly and professional. William was so happy to have found you and so am I. I will be in touch in the future and I also now want to take a interest in face painting. I had nothing but compliments about you and your work.

Monica T. (San Jose): Thank you for your awesome & creative work on Sunday! The kids love the face painting & were coming back for more ☺. We really appreciated having you at the party! I will be sure to keep your information for any future events we may have, and, of course, for my daughter’s party next year!! You were great with the kids and gave them all of your attention.

Beth R. (Hillsborough):Thank you so much, you were the hit of the party! Your paintings were beautiful and all the kids loved taking home their balloon creations! You definitely kept the kids entertained and engaged, so that was terrific. A couple of moms asked for your information, if it is ok to pass along, should I direct them to your website? Thank you again for a wonderfully successful birthday party!


Batman loves Mom

Evelyne C. (Sunnyvale): Thank you for making our party a success. All the kids were very happy. I loved the fact that you draw on their arms so they can see it and the skin is less sensitive. My kids who are usually shy were very confortable with you. Good luck with your business and if we organize an other party, we will definitely call you.

KimChi (Sunnyvale): Recommending Face Painting by Lisa. I commissioned Lisa of to paint 15 wild & crazy toddlers this Easter Sunday (2011) before & during our egg hunt… this was our first time working with her …and she did an awesome job! Parents are still talking about how wonderful she was with our kids & their parents. Kids were fascinated by what she can draw on their faces & arms: Dora with purple hair, Thomas the Train that moves when you wiggle your skin, snakes, ghosts…you name it. Lisa had such a great demeanor with them, I think she gained their trust pretty quickly. I can’t say enough good things about her. She was the life of our Easter Sunday hunt. Please tell her KimChi recommended her so she will know I appreciate her work. Will definitely commission her again.


Laurie C. (Saratoga): You are right up there next to Santa Claus in the popular people with her! I received lots of compliments on you and your work from the parents, and I know that the kids LOVED you!!

Ella B. (Menlo Park): Just wanted to thank you again for coming to our party. You were awesome!! And everyone loved it!

Kathy F. (Portola Valley): Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!

Lauren B. (Woodside): Referred by Kathy F. for a birthday party in 4 days): I am so excited for you to come on Saturday. I have completed the info below. Thanks so much!!!

Robyn W. (Palo Alto): You are like family for us [after 6 years of painting].

Samia P. (Campbell): You were definitely the hit of the party, the kids (and adults) just loved getting painted. My neighbor has her cat painting as her Facebook profile picture still. You are so fast, and so talented! Cary just loved her mermaid, too.

Diana S. (Sunnyvale): Thank you so much! I really enjoyed meeting you and having you as part of our celebration. I must admit that at first meeting, I felt a definite friend connection. We will be definitely calling on you from now on to come and be apart of our future celebrations. And I will always send all my family and friends your way.

Alison C. (San Jose) Royal Princess Party, hair, nails, make-up and face painting: It was so great seeing you again. I have no idea how you did the girls so quickly and efficiently. It would have taken me all weekend to accomplish what you did in two hours. I would certainly refer you to anyone.


D’Arcy D. (San Jose): You were fantastic and the kids all had a great time. The timing was perfect. Kept things rolling along. Thank you, so much, Lisa.



Paige G. (San Jose): We hired Lisa for my son’s birthday party and she was an absolute hit! Her face paintings are truly artistic creations; her “Thing” face was a hit with the boys and the girls were partial to having unicorns with beautiful flowing, sparkly manes down their arms!

Dana B (Campbell): You are my daughter’s favorite! Every time we come to the farmer’s market, my daughter (and now my son too) want to see you to get their faces painted. They love the designs and your gentle manner makes them very comfortable with you.

Heide F. (Stanford): Thanks for all your efforts…The kids love you…Also thanks for raising funds for us.

Sandy D. (San Mateo): Thank you so much for such a wonderful time! You were definitely the hit of the party. The kids had a great time and thank you also for painting the adults & grandma’s! The other grandma was the one who had a purple Unicorn on her cheek. I thought that was so cute.

Tanya C. (San Jose): All who received body art loved it! I am keeping your information in my database for future events. Thanks again for helping to make our BBQ successful and fun!